MBA Polymers UK become the first Plastics Recycling Business in the world to have their products achieve the Carbon Trust’s Lower CO2 label

MBA’s vision is to create a sustainable planet by eliminating plastic waste and preventing the depletion of the world’s natural resources. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

Millions of tonnes of plastic are discarded each year, wasted, buried and burned. If it’s replaced with virgin polymers, that requires consumption of fossil fuels, more petrochemical extraction and processing, and more carbon released into the atmosphere.

MBA Polymers UK who are part of the EMR Group, operate the most advanced plastics recycling facilities in the world, processing complex waste streams bound for landfill, refining and compounding it into high value polymers. An innovative alternative to virgin polymers, for use in a range of applications and industries.

The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and achievement of the Lower CO2 label certified by the Carbon Trust, compares MBA Polymers key products to the equivalent LCA of their virgin plastic counterparts as published by PlasticsEurope in their ECO-Profiles. The LCA study confirms that the key products produced by MBA Polymers UK, ABS, PP, FPP, PS and HDPE, have a 75-86% lower carbon footprint than their virgin equivalents.

Paul Mayhew, General Manager said “In order to obtain the lower carbon certification, MBA has been able to demonstrate that the lifecycle carbon footprint of our products are significantly lower than there virgin equivalent. At a time when plastic waste is rightly in the spotlight, it is crucial that all stakeholders stimulate demand for recycled content and MBA is leading the industry as a whole by being able to evidence the true environmental benefits.

The vast majority of MBA’s products are produced from End of Life Vehicles that contain roughly 150-200kgs of plastic each. Currently only a handful of recyclers are able to convert this material back into a recycled polymer that means the vast majority of the plastic in a car is currently sent to Landfill or incineration. The Lower Carbon certification provides further evidence to the benefits of implementing mandatory recycled content in new vehicles which not only boosts circularity but also stimulates further investment in the sector”

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