"Plastics Are Too Valuable to Bury or Burn"

That simple realisation is what prompted Dr. Mike Biddle to create MBA Polymers in 1992. Decades later, we operate two of the most advanced plastic recycling plants anywhere in the world.

Millions of tonnes of plastic is discarded each year, wasted, buried and burned. If it’s replaced with virgin polymers, that requires consumption of fossil fuels, more petrochemical extraction and processing, and more carbon released into the atmosphere.

Dr. Mike Biddle realised that if a reliable recycling process could be perfected, plastics destined for the landfill could be reclaimed, turned into valuable polymers, and reinserted into the supply chain.

So he set to work on perfecting that process.

This short film explains how Plastics Pioneer, Dr. Mike Biddle cracked the code of recycling plastic waste , which would of otherwise been destined for landfill. 

Watch our video below to find out more