High Quality Recycled Polymers for the Automotive Industry

Tough, cost effective and sustainable, MBA Polymers UK recycled compounds offer 75-86% lower carbon footprint emissions than their virgin equivalents. The technical, environmental and economic benefits of using high grade recycled compounds in the automotive industry are increasingly clear.

MBA offer real-world closed-loop recycling. Waste plastic from the automotive industry is recycled into materials which can be incorporated in components for new and existing vehicles, boosting the circular economy.
What hasn’t been clear until now is where to get the best quality recycled polymers.  

Products that are certificated, sustainable and compliant with new and existing legislation.

At MBA we make it clear

High Performance, Recycled Thermoplastic Compounds for the Automotive Industry
MBA already supplies some of the biggest names in the automotive sector with virgin-comparable feed. It’s used across a wide range of applications, from A-Surface parts such as glove box inners and painted components to non-visible parts such as fog lamp and rear bumper brackets, car door parts, mudguards and products made from compounding polymers with glass fibres and fillers.
High quality polymers available in a range of specifications and grades

Reasons to Choose MBA

At MBA, we are leading the way in providing affordable and sustainable alternatives to virgin polymers, one of the many reasons why so many automotive injection moulders turn to us.

Quick, Consistent, High Volume, Sustainable Supply
As well as great pricing, we offer large scale, sustainable supply.
MBA are part of the EMR Group, who process around 10m tonnes of materials each year, to ensure we can provide a consistent, high volume supply of automotive-grade polymer that allows you to meet the most demanding of production volumes and delivery schedules.
Our advanced plastic recycling gives you the feed you need, when you need it, in the volumes you need.
A Unique Fixed Price Model
We can give you peace of mind by offering a unique fixed pricing model that lets you plan and quote confidently on any automotive project. We insulate you from the volatile oil price fluctuations that so often impact the virgin market.
Our secure supply means you get peace of mind on availability and pricing, all year long.
"Every year we propose volumes and negotiate a price. Our customers like the security.”, says Giulio, automotive compounder, Italy
Quality Assured
We’re passionate about the quality of our recycled polymers, and we want you to know about it. Our quality assurance process includes:

  • 72 tests per batch and purity testing every 20 minutes

  • 24 MFI (Melt Flow Index) and moisture tests per batch containing 24 tonnes

  • Every batch is mechanically tested

  • Every batch comes with a full COA (Certificate of Analysis)

  • Unique in-house purity testing technology that allows us to assess product purity in seconds

The culture at MBA is focused on testing, quality assurance, continual investment and improvement. This uncompromising commitment to quality assurance is another reason why we’re trusted by automotive industry plastics processors all over the world.
They can’t believe it’s not virgin, the quality is too good”, says Dick Kouters, Dutch distributor Albis
Creative Product Development
Alongside our focus on quality, consistency, sustainable supply and our obsession with quality assurance, innovation and creative collaboration also lies at the heart of our added value.
Commercial creativity to help you improve your products.

  • We work closely with product designers, manufacturers and specifiers taking a fresh look at constituent components to replace them with matched performance, better value options.

  • We advise on virgin/recycled blending to meet new cost and compliance requirements.

  • We help clients explore new possibilities in the production of more cost effective ‘out of sight’ or internal automotive components.

  • We will work with you to provide you with a solution to meet your requirements both technically and commercially.

MBA - Providing Polymers for the Automotive Industry
If you’re looking to replace virgin polymers with a sustainable alternative, we can help.
Environmental considerations might be a driving force, or consistent pricing. Perhaps you’re looking for some creative input or problem solving - some technical insight alongside commercial acumen.
Get in touch and find out exactly what MBA Polymers UK can do for you.
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