High Quality Recycled Polymers for the Packaging Industry

At MBA Polymers UK, there are five great reasons why our packaging customers use recycled polymers instead of virgin:

  1. Performance - high rigidity and outstanding impact performance make our recycled polymers ideally suited to withstand rough handling

  2. Value - MBA's recycled polymers are great value for money when compared with virgin polymers

  3. Reduced carbon footprint - 75-86% lower carbon footprint than their virgin equivalents

  4. Quality assured - product that is certificated, sustainable and compliant with new and existing legislation

  5. Innovative and creative technical input - that helps you take full advantage of the compelling opportunities that recycled polymers offer

Current uses of MBA's PP grades include the production of totes, crates, pallets, paint pots, kegs and single and multiple use commercial and domestic containers.
MBA's ABS and HIPS grades are currently used in the production of cosmetic packaging, knife blade holders, reels & spools and hangers.

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Do you want to know the benefits of using recycled polymers?

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Reasons to Choose MBA

At MBA, we're leading the way in providing an affordable and sustainable alternative to virgin polymers, one of the many reasons why so many packaging injection moulding specialists now turn to us.

Sustainable, High Volume Polymer Supply to the Packaging Industry

As well as great pricing, we offer large scale, sustainable supply.

MBA are part of the EMR Group, who process around 10m tonnes of materials each year, to ensure we can provide a consistent, high volume supply of packaging-grade polymer that allows you to meet the most demanding of production volumes and delivery schedules.

A Unique Fixed Price Model

We give you peace of mind by offering a unique fixed pricing model that lets you plan and quote confidently on any packaging project. We insulate you from the volatile oil price fluctuations that so often impact the virgin market.

Our secure supply means you get peace of mind on availability and pricing, all year long. Peace of mind that will provide the freedom to expand your production capacity, seek out new accounts and produce larger volumes of high quality packaging.

“I wouldn’t want to recommend MBA Polymers UK to anyone because I don’t want my competitors taking my competitive advantage!”, says James, manufacturer of material handling containers

Quality Assured 

We're passionate about the quality of our recycled polymers and want you to know about it. Our quality assurance process includes:

  • 72 tests per batch and purity testing every 20 minutes

  • 24 MFI (Melt Flow Index) and moisture tests per batch containing 24 tonnes

  • Every batch is mechanically tested

  • Every batch comes with a full COA (Certificate of Analysis)

  • Unique in-house purity testing technology that allows us to assess product purity in seconds

The culture at MBA is focused on testing, quality assurance, continual investment and improvement. This uncompromising commitment to quality assurance is another reason why MBA is trusted by packaging manufacturers all over the world.

They can’t believe it’s not virgin, the quality is too good”, says Dick Kouters, Dutch distributor Albis

Creative Product Development

Alongside our focus on quality, consistency, sustainable supply and our obsession with quality assurance, innovation and creative collaboration also lies at the heart of our added value.

Commercially creativity - helping improve your packaging products

  • We work closely with product designers, manufacturers and specifiers, taking a fresh look at any plastic packaging's constituent components to replace them with matched performance and better value options.

  • We advise on virgin/recycled blending to meet new cost and compliance requirements.

  • We help clients explore new, cost effective product possibilities.

  • We will work with you to find a solution that meets your requirements both technically and commercially

"They're always there to help us", says Gary, trade moulder

MBA - Providing Polymers for the Packaging Industry

If you're looking to replace virgin polymers with a sustainable alternative, MBA can help.

Environmental considerations might be a driving force or consistent pricing. Perhaps you're looking for some creative input, problem solving or technical insight alongside commercial acumen.

Get in touch today and find out exactly what MBA Polymers UK can do for you.

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