Polystyrene is one of the most common types of polymers used in the manufacturing of packaging products. It's a ridged plastic that is ideal for a versatile range of applications.

Our High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) is manufactured from post-consumer recycled plastic. We can provide a range of recycled HIPS grades as an alternative to replace more expensive virgin polymers. Our dedicated technical team can look to manufacture custom grades on your behalf, if you have specific requirements you need to meet.

MBA Polymers UK are the first Plastics Recycling Business in the world to have their products acheive the Carbon Trust’s Lower CO2 label.

The Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and accompanying achievement of the Lower CO2 label certified by the Carbon Trust, compares MBA Polymers key products to the equivalent LCA of their virgin plastic counterparts as published by PlasticsEurope in their ECO-Profiles.

The LCA study confirms that MBA Polymers UK PS grades have an 75% lower carbon footprint than its virgin equivalents.

Carbon Trust - Lower Co2 - Recycled HIPS

Click here to view the full executive summary of the comparative LCA and certification completed by the Carbon Trust.


Technical Specifications

  • HIPS 3122
    HIPS 3122

    HIPS 3122

    A post-consumer recycled impact modified polystyrene for general use injection moulding. Available in standard black (reference 90/04).

  • HIPS 3132
    HIPS 3132

    HIPS 3132

    A post-consumer recycled impact modified polystyrene for general use injection moulding. Derived from high impact polystyrene refrigerator linings. This material complies with BS EN 71-3:2013+A3:2018, ‘Safety of Toys‘ Category III-Scraped-off materials. Available in standard grey.


Uses for Recycled polystyrene
HIPS are used in an extensive wide range of applications.
Strong and consistent, it is often used for coat hangers, furniture fittings, stationary supplies, extruded profiles, horticultural products and in many other components.

Buying from MBA Polymers UK
All of our recycled HIPS products are rigorously tested to the highest standards, to ensure you only ever receive top quality recycled polymers.

Our advanced styrenics purification process cleans and separates plastics before they're compounded into our finished pellet product.
Because we are part of the EMR Group, we have a regular supply of raw materials, so we can provide assurances on a sustainable supply of HIPS product.
Each batch is tested to a defined specification with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) provided if required. All our products are REACH and RoSH compliant.
Talk to an Account Manager
Discuss your needs for recycled HIPS polymers and see how our products compare with virgin polymers.
Our Account Managers and technical team can help you find the exact product for your requirements.