Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. Every process undertaken is designed to turn waste materials into usable products.
All the quality with around 80% less energy consumption. Is it really any wonder that our commitment to environmental sustainability has been recognised all over the world?

Once something’s broken or reached the end of it’s life, most people get rid of it without a thought to the consequences. MBA Polymers UK is different. We think about the consequences.
We think about the environmental impact of discarded plastic.
And we do something about it. Creating a real closed-loop solution for our customers.

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Sustainability is in Our DNA
Since day one, we’ve worked to change the way the world thinks about plastic waste.
We take waste material bound for landfill, process it, refine it, compound and test it at one of the world’s largest plastic recycling plants. And we turn discarded waste into products for a range of industries.
Affordable, high-quality polymers with a lower environmental impact.
Award-Winning Sustainable Products
Aiming to create quality, sustainable products is one thing. Going out and doing it is another.
The quality of our recycled polymer products has been recognised by sustainability and environmental advocates all over the world. The Gothenburg Award for Sustainable Development, GoingGreen’s Company of the Year, The Economist Innovation Award for Energy and the Environment.
Our idea is simple. Turn tonnes of plastic waste into tonnes of valuable resource for the automotive, electronics, construction and packaging industries to reduce reliance on resource-heavy virgin plastics.
The results of those ideas will help to change the world. And it all starts with you.