Polymer recycling requires a reliable and steady stream of waste plastics to ensure a consistent supply chain. MBA Polymers UK's partnership with EMR delivers that consistency.

From your last generation mobile phone handset through to a decommissioned aircraft carrier, if a discarded object contains scrap metal in any form, there’s a good chance that it will be processed at one of EMR’s facilities.

As one of the world’s largest metal recycling companies with over 150 locations worldwide, EMR reclaim and recycle around 10 millions of tonnes of steel and non-ferrous metals every single year. But removing metal waste is only the beginning.

We work in tandem with EMR. Once they have extracted valuable and usable metal waste, MBA Polymers UK gets to work, turning the plastic from EMR’s shredder residue into valuable and sought-after polymers.

From the scrap heap, back to the assembly line. That’s the power of our partnership.

For more information on EMR please visit www.emrgroup.com