Nobody can change the world alone. But together we can accomplish anything. MBA Polymers UK is proud to partner with one of the world's leading metal recycling companies, EMR Group.

EMR Group

EMR is a global leader in metal recycling, with over 150 locations around the world, recycling around 10 million tonnes of material each year.  Focusing on reclaiming metal waste from industry, consumer products and vehicles, EMR owns and operates MBA Polymers UK recycling facilities in both Worksop and Dover, UK.

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Elephant Equity

Elephant Equity owns 100% of the shares of MBA Polymers Inc (the founding owner of MBA Polymers UK Limited).

Elephant Equity have no active role in MBA Polymers UK, which is now 100% owned by the EMR Group. However, MBA Polymers UK will continue to work with Elephant Equity (owners of MBA Polymers Inc) to share knowledge and know how.